Reconnect 2020-09-02T01:30:03-04:00

COVID-19 stopped us in our tracks.
Now, our partner Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is excited to reopen their gates and welcome you back to nature.

At this time, when so few recreation options are available, CVC parks (also called conservation areas) play a critical role in maintaining health, wellness and the vital connections that keep us all grounded. CVC parks are here for you and yours during this difficult time and we need your support now, more than ever, to maintain exceptional greenspaces, trails and outdoor experiences.

Your generosity

CVC parks have long relied on a healthy mix of local government support and private donations to keep them beautiful, thriving, and accessible. Your generosity is essential to support initiatives such as new trails, land acquisition, new amenities and nature-based programming for kids of all ages.

Your impact

Your gift will help fund initiatives that restore, enhance and maintain our parks and trails. Presently, visitors can enjoy Island Lake, Upper Credit, Terra Cotta, Silver Creek, Limehouse, Meadowvale and Rattray Marsh Conservation Areas, as well as Ken Whillans Resource Management Area and the Elora Cataract Trailway. Belfountain Conservation Area and the Cheltenham Badlands are by reservation only (read more)