Connecting the Credit Valley Trail

32 beautiful km of trail are already connected.
You can support the completion of the trail and help us connect the remaining 68 km.


A once in a lifetime project, the Credit Valley Trail will be a 100-kilometre pathway through the Credit River Valley – from the hills of the headwaters in Orangeville to Lake Ontario in Port Credit. The trail will connect communities to the beauty of nature, Indigenous heritage and values, rich cultural experiences and the sustaining waters of the Credit River. 

Arts & Culture

The trail has the potential to generate significant exposure for the province and Credit River Watershed communities, by developing a tourism product that is truly unique to the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. The trail will be a valuable tourism asset that supports local economic growth for communities along the valley and raises Ontario’s profile as a tourist destination by facilitating and promoting access to agri-culinary sensations, art galleries, outdoor theatre, restaurants, festivals, events, special programs and more.


At the heart of the Credit Valley Trail is the desire to connect people to the Credit River and the Greenbelt, and empower them to become a part of solutions that will protect our natural environment. The trail will be an outdoor living classroom to increase public awareness and knowledge of local environmental issues. It offers an opportunity to inspire and cultivate an ethic of care by bringing people to the river in an ecologically responsible manner, to help them appreciate, understand and develop a relationship with the local natural environment.

Indigenous Values

Found hidden along the banks of the Credit are some of Canada’s earliest stories. The trail will be built on the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. An Indigenous Roundtable has been formed and will provide ongoing leadership on promoting Indigenous culture, sharing traditional knowledge and connecting trail users to Indigenous history, values and experience, within parks and public spaces along the Credit Valley Trail.



The trail will introduce trail users to the natural and cultural heritage of the Credit River Valley in new ways. As a place of passage, trade, settlement and industry, the Credit River Valley holds cultural memory old enough to illuminate the origins of our national identity yet contemporary enough to shape our understanding of what it means to be Canadian today. The urban river valley, wetlands, woodlands, valleylands, scenic vistas, conservation areas, escarpment the Great Lakes shoreline and various river settlements present opportunities for unforgettable natural and cultural heritage experiences.


The recreational value of trails is often their foremost attraction. In addition to entertainment value, trails offer significant health, well-being and fitness benefits. The Credit Valley Trail offers an abundance of recreation and active transportation experiences, such as walking, cycling, running, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, birdwatching, fishing and paddling. Together, we will promote, market and support the trail as a recreational asset and an active transportation option.


The trail holds tremendous potential to contribute to the quality and diversity of life for watershed residents. Community and individual engagement through resident leadership and meaningful volunteer opportunities will cultivate a connected, cohesive community. The Credit Valley Trail will provide increased opportunities for social interactions, facilitating better connection to other trail users, neighbours, community spaces and the local natural environment. These opportunities foster social relationships, deepen community and cultivate shared responsibility.

How You Can Support the Credit Valley Trail

1. Make an online donation today.

2. Visit the CVT website to learn more.

3. Make a donation via mail or phone.  You can download our printable CVCF donation form and return with your cheque of money order or call 905-670-1615 to make a donation by credit card.

4. Get your business or community organization involved. You have the opportunity to have a direct and profound impact on our community. Whether it is through sponsorships, donations, services or volunteers there are countless ways we can work together. Please contact


Interpretive Signage at the Crane Gathering Space

Credit Valley Conservation has installed interpretive signage at the Crane Gathering Space at Island Lake Conservation Area. This project was funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario.

See you on the trail...