Rattray Marsh Protection Association

The seeds for the Rattray Marsh Protection Association (RMPA) were sown in 1959 when a group of concerned citizens, who recognized the environmental significance of the Rattray Marsh, started the campaign to bring this wetland into public ownership in order to preserve it in perpetuity.  Many individuals and organizations were involved for 16 years before the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area was formally opened by the Credit Valley Conservation Authority in 1975.  RMPA members continued to work with the Conservation Authority and in 1979 formally adopted the name Rattray Marsh Protection Association.  The Association has been integral to the area's long term protection and appreciation.  The members of the RMPA are dedicated to ensuring that the community and visitors to the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area benefit from quality educational, interpretive and stewardship opportunities.  It has received a number of awards in recognition of its efforts.
In 2009 the RMPA joined the Credit Valley Conservation Foundation as a volunteer fundraising committee that shares our vision of the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area being transformed into the Rattray Marsh Living Discovery Centre, an outdoor living classroom and invaluable environmental education resource for local residents and conservation area visitors.


Members of the Rattray Marsh Protection Association

Committee Members:

  • Janet Bumstead
  • Kirsten Burling
  • Drew Foley
  • Mike Lawson
  • Audrey Oswald, Treasurer
  • Wendy Walker, Recording Secretary
  • Peter Westbrook, Vice-Chair
  • Jean Williams, Chair

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