//Lina is a Conservation Hero

Lina is a Conservation Hero

Lina is a Conservation Hero

This is Lina Morra-Lomangino.

Lina is a Conservation Hero, having been recognized with a Friends of the Credit Award in 2016 for the dedication of her business, Michael’s Hair Body Mind, to conservation in their community.

Lina is the owner of Michaels Hair Body Mind in the Clarkson area of Mississauga. She, along with the more than 20 staff at the salon and spa, have a great passion for being involved in the community and caring for the environment. The Salon and Spa have a constant presence in the Clarkson community and are always active participants in community events, including their own multi-annual charity fundraisers. As a member and activist for Green Circle Salon, a salon sustainability organization, Michael’s takes an active role in maintaining the beauty of the community and the planet.

In 2013 Michael’s Hair Body Mind was astonished by the devastation of the impacts of that year’s now-famous ice storm.  Wanting to help the community they have been part of for almost 55 years they embarked on a fundraising campaign.  Quickly they had over $14,000 in donations that they would use to reforest their community.

In 2014 Michael’s sponsored their first tree planting event.  Staff from the spa, along with community members planted 200 trees in nearby Rattray Marsh Conservation Area.  With the spread of Emerald Ash Boer further contributing to canopy decline in their neighbourhood their timing couldn’t have been better. In 2015, Michael’s Hair Body Mind continued their sponsorship and participation in two tree plantings at the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area in Mississauga. One of the plantings at Rattray Marsh was one of 29 taking place across North America simultaneously, where the goal was to plant more than 190,000 trees across Canada and the US. Ultimately, 202,935 trees were planted across those 29 locations, a feat recognized by Guinness as the record for “most trees planted simultaneously at multiple locations by teams of up to 100 people.”

Michael’s Hair Body Mind is a leader in their community; they continue to leverage the money they raised, educate other businesses in their community, and engage their staff and customers in the reforestation efforts of their neighbourhood.

The heroic actions of Lina and the staff at Michael’s has enabled the gradual restoration of a unique natural area in the community.

You can be a conservation hero too. Donate today!

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