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In-Kind Donation Form 2019-01-07T10:39:45-05:00

If you have an in-kind item you would like to donate to CVC Foundation please complete the form below.

As a registered charitable organization, CVC Foundation is able to provide tax receipts for eligible* gifts in-kind items that are donated to us.

*For information about what is eligible, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website


  • A registered charity is not permitted to issue an official donation receipt for a gift of service. At law, a gift is a voluntary transfer of property. Gifts of services (donated time, skills, or efforts) provided to a charity are not property, and therefore do not qualify as gifts for the purposes of issuing official donation receipts. For more information, see Gifts of services and What is a gift?
  • Canada Revenue Agency requires a knowledgeable appraiser “not associated with” the donor or CVC Foundation to perform the necessary appraisal if the value of an item is over $1,000. A second appraisal may be requested. In such cases, an average of both appraisals will be used.