//Derek is a Conservation Hero

Derek is a Conservation Hero

Have you met Derek on the trail at Island lake? He’s been on the trail with his dog Baxter at the conservation area every day since the trail opened (700+ days in a row).

Derek is a Conservation Hero, having been recognized with a Friends of the Credit Award in 2016 for his dedication to Island Lake Conservation Area.

Derek is in his late seventies and this past winter worked on the west link bridges screwing in deck boards as a volunteer in sub-zero weather. He was the only volunteer who would go under the bridges to treat the cut boards for Bob Shirley.

He has been busy cleaning up the area along the north section of the west link because he felt the area needed to be better presented to the walkers and hikers of the trail. He also ventures out into the water to clean up any floating garbage all on his own initiative.

Derek participated in numerous of Friends of Island Lake group work days for the preparation and final construction of the west link trail. What makes Derek so special is that he spent several days on his own screwing in deck boards and cleaning up garbage such as coffee cups and food containers left by the construction crew and curious citizens.

Derek also walks the trail with his dog Baxter on a daily basis and he collects pop cans, coffee cups, dog scat etc. He also reports to the CVC any trees that need to be removed or other safety issues.

Derek has lived in the Orangeville area for approximately 45 years and is involved in conservation efforts so his great-grandson will have a better world to live in. Derek’s favourite animal is his dog Baxter and his favourite super hero is David Suzuki. When asked what he wants others to know about conservation, he said “think of your grandchildren, a few minutes a day by the majority of people to clean up and not litter will make for a better place for us all to live in and would set a good example for everyone.”

The actions put forward by Derek teach others the importance of keeping our water clean and healthy.

Derek is doing what he can.

We need you to be a hero too.

Be a conservation hero, donate today!

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