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The Capstone Campaign

Once in lifetime, a property becomes available that is essential for Credit Valley Conservation to connect communities along the Credit River. We are excited to have one of those rare opportunities now. With your support we will raise the $425,000 needed to secure the Capstone Property, forever.

In the heart of Caledon, along the upper stretches of the Credit River, there is a 44-acre property that is crucial to securing the optimum route of the Credit Valley Trail, enabling access to Charles Sauriol Conservation Area and protecting critical brook trout habitat.

Affectionately referred to as our “Capstone”, this property is the inaugural land securement initiative for the Credit Valley Trail and the missing piece of the puzzle in enabling public access to Charles Sauriol Conservation Area.

Partially forested with the Credit River meandering through, the Capstone property includes stunning cedar forests and incredible biodiversity – a true natural jewel that needs to be protected – now, and forever.

We need your help.

Your donation will help:

  • Secure 650 metres of Credit Valley Trail optimum route that contributes to continuous 8.5 kilometre stretch of trail.
  • Provide a gateway to Charles Sauriol Conservation Area, a 188-acre conservation area that is currently not accessible to the public.
  • Protect critical Brook Trout habitat, the watershed’s most important native fish species.