Endowment Fund

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An endowment is an investment fund set aside for long-term support of a charitable organization. The capital is protected and only the investment income generated from that principle is expended. The capital is held in perpetuity, that is, forever.

You may invest any amount in our Landscapes for Life Endowment Fund or you may wish to establish your own named endowment.  A named endowment fund may be a way of memorializing and honouring a beloved family member, friend or colleague. The minimum amount required to establish a named endowment fund with the Conservation Foundation is $10,000. General or unrestricted endowment gifts in any amount will also be accepted.

Note that our endowment is invested with the Community Foundation of Mississauga.Community_Foundation_of_Mississauga

For more information on our Landscapes for Life Endowment Fund, please contact:
Terri LeRoux,
Executive Director
Phone: 905-670-1615, ext. 424
E mail: tleroux@creditvalleyca.ca.