10 Strategic Directions

//10 Strategic Directions
10 Strategic Directions 2017-12-07T15:29:54-05:00

In support of our mission, the CVC Foundation has identified the following 10 strategic directions:

  1. Support the current and future needs of CVC
    The CVC Foundation will actively engage in raising funds and awareness of CVC’s current priorities and projects, while simultaneously establishing an Endowment Fund to support future and emerging needs.
  2. Support projects and programs that offer science-based solutions
    The CVC Foundation will raise funds and awareness in support of CVC programs and projects that help protect water quality and quantity for future generations through conservation, restoration and the responsible management of water, land and natural habitats.
  3. Support projects that promote environmental education and nurture ecological literacy
    The CVC Foundation will raise funds and awareness in support of CVC programs and projects that provide environmental education and learning opportunities for watershed residents and visitors.
  4. Support projects and programs that provide affordable and ecologically sustainable recreation opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds
    The CVC Foundation will raise funds and awareness in support of CVC programs and projects that provide affordable, sustainable and environmentally focused recreation opportunities for watershed residents and visitors.
  5. Embrace a variety of fundraising methodologies to best achieve our goals
    The CVC Foundation will ensure a sustainable future by embracing a diverse and multi-tiered approach to soliciting funds that includes: Board Giving Program, Annual Giving Program; Major Donor Program; Special Events Program; Planned Giving Program, Grants Program, Corporate and Business Partner Program and an Endowment Fund Program.
  6. Communicate our goals and engage the public
    As an independent arms length agency from CVC, the CVC Foundation needs to better market itself as a connected yet distinct entity. Moving forward, the CVC Foundation will invest in the adoption of a new branding identity and image that will better illustrate our purpose and successes.
  7. Create and build value-added relationships and partnerships
    The CVC Foundation recognizes that there is tremendous potential to foster new connections, in particular with business, industry and the environmental community.
  8. Set realistic, achievable fundraising targets
    On an annual basis, the CVC Foundation will develop a realistic, credible and achievable fundraising budget that will be reviewed on a regular basis to assess and address progress.
  9. Maintain respectable administrative costs of fundraising
    While Canada Revenue permits retention of up to 20 per cent of donated funds to support administrative costs, the CVC Foundation aspires, whenever feasible to spend no more than 10 per cent on fundraising and administrative expenditures.
  10. Enhance donor accountability and transparency through better reporting
    Modeling the approach that is used by the majority of granting organizations, the CVC Foundation, as a significant funder, will provide CVC with a formulaic report template to report back on how they are or have spent the funds granted to them by the CVC Foundation.